From the Firehose

Seeking to support and enhance information security

In an effort to support and enhance information security, Majillano cooperated with the Directorate of Sewage of the Governorate and the Parties of Baghdad to provide services to equip the Directorate with a system for transmitting data between the internal branches of the Directorate and to provide fingerprint devices and camera monitoring system to strengthen protection and activate the means that facilitate access to information and obtain it in the easiest way.

Where the directorate is equipped with fingerprint devices equipped with a face print, fingerprint and card print, and it works on transmitting data to the main administration center via the Internet and has been provided with surveillance cameras distributed over its various centers to facilitate the process of protecting the centers from risks and manipulation, and it can be through the data transmission system for the main center Follow up and receive all 900 surveillance camera data and fingerprints of individuals
An employee to the main center, with a capacity of 500 people for one device, they are moved instantly and directly