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From the Firehose

What is Majillano?

Majillano is a company specialized in the field of information technology, smart systems, technological security consulting, and the development of technological infrastructure for vital enterprises and businesses.

From its management, specialized branches in various fields aimed at achieving profitable business in a different field, namely:
Majillano Soft, which provides software services of various kinds, from programming mobile applications, websites, specialized systems, and others.
And Majillano GPS, another subsidiary of Majillano , provides GPS tracking services for vehicles, and last but not least
Majillano Media branch, which provides advertising, advertising, e-marketing, visual identity and professional photography services

Majillano was established in Iraq in 2018 to operate as an independent consulting service provider.
The company started its activities with a small team with great capabilities and effective activity, however, it is currently one of the largest security consulting companies in the IQ and does much greater work locally and abroad, as it cooperates locally with the effective sectors of medium and large companies and state departments to develop technical operations And to contribute to providing services that increase the productivity and ease of work within these vital facilities.

Majillano offers a range of services that it intends to offer to develop the institutions’ inner societies and thus the external community
1. Security and safety
2. Information and communication technology
Vehicles, ELV,
3. Cybersecurity
4. Software and data centers
5. Training.

Majillano, with its growing forces, was able to merge with Mass UAE in the sisterly United Arab Emirates, where Majillano became another branch in the Emirates to provide similar services there, after which Majillano obtained an exclusive agency from the Consquare Consultancy Company – Concierge Consulting for it in Iraq

Today, Majillano is one of the largest IT companies in Iraq
It has cooperated with many governmental sectors and organizations such as:

Baghdad Oil Distribution Authority
Baghdad Electricity Distribution Authority
– Sewage Directorate of Baghdad Governorate
Al-Safeer Hospital
IHSCO International
– MAG International Organization for Awareness of War Remnants
In 2020