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Build a new kind of Decentralized

We promise to stick to honest and ethical behaviour during the process of operation, which is the key point to success for Majillano.

Our Business


The company started with a small team doing big jobs. Notwithstanding, currently it is one of the biggest security consultancy companies in the UAE and doing a much bigger business locally and overseas

The Majillano services encompass the entire technology requirement for any development. Clients find our ‘One Stop Technology Solution’ approach reduces their time, expenses, effort and improves coordination

Network Infrastructure   -   Serving Better Everyday
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How it work
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ISP/OSP Telecommunication Services

Converged Infrastructure

Structured Cabling

Wireless Networks

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)

Unified Communication (UC)


  • 13%

    Average annual growth of total scope of services provided by the company

  • 15%

    Average annual growth of total number of clients in the last three years

  • 46%

    Average growth of annual bonus rewarded to the staff in the last three years

  • 23%

    Average annual growth of team size in the last three years

Growing Global Network

Communication & networks and ERP & E-Government

  • 5000+


  • 750+


Our Road Map 2020

The announcement is the easiest part. Implementation is admittedly more difficult. To get through this, we engage our teams to make choices.

  • 1
    Cyber security and invest

    We provide greater support to Cyber security and invest in developing new dedicated teams to perform very sophisticated tasks

  • 2
    Enrich training

    Enrich training by developing new business models to attract advanced courses composers and by offering new ways of training

  • 3
    Expand vertically

    Expand vertically to include extra services covering more MEP and specifically ELV packages

  • 4
    Expand horizontally

    Expand horizontally to target new markets and support existing slow moving ones.

Our Senior Team Leads

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